Популярні запитання

Is it possible to receive a ticket at the ticket office on a foreign passport (driver's license, student card ....)? Is the discrepancy between the voucher and the presented document acceptable?

IMPORTANT! To receive the ticket you need to present the PAYMENT CODE (12 digits, which are in the line of the voucher with that name), any other codes / figures do not allow the cashier to correctly process the order.

In accordance with the rules of the site:

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4.1.1.            Voucher (ticket requisites) received using interface and/or by e-mail is not a ticket and can not be used for trip. Only a ticket gives a right of passage. When voucher is present, the ticket is executed in booking-office at departure point. Ticket execution upon vouchers terminates 5 minutes prior to departure of buses according to schedule.

4.1.2.            The ticket may be executed and issued only to that person whose surname is mentioned in voucher, and upon identification document.

4.1.3.            The cashier receiving voucher (ticket requisites) verifies the presence and its requisites in computer database, ascertains himself that ticket requisites are the same on voucher as well as in computer database, verifies the person and prints (executes) the ticket.

 4.1.4.            If upon examination any discrepancy of data is revealed or surname and initials of person receiving the ticket do not correspond to voucher, the cashier is obliged to deny the ticket execution.


... on the document that certifies this person ...

The identity of the identity document is decided by the administration of the bus station (carrier). Usually this is recognized as a document issued by government bodies and on which there is a photograph of the owner, the font used (Cyrillic / Latin) must be identical in the voucher and the document presented.

 If between the voucher (order) and the presented document there is a difference of not more than two characters, then this discrepancy is interpreted in favor of the passenger.

For international transport, compliance requirements may be more stringent, in doubtful cases, you should consult the bus / carrier (the contacts are listed on your voucher).

See also:  http://faq.bus.com.ua/?qn=46&s=0&c=10 (how to cancel the order)