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When can I buy a bus ticket online? When will the buses start running?

Update  (15-07-2020) Almost all bus stations have resumed their work.

Some flights have changed the frequency (days) of flight, some flights have been canceled. 

Telephone numbers of bus station reference services for additional information .

Detailed information on schedules for bus stations (including flight dates) can be found.

Operational information on most bus stations is available on the scoreboard .

-------------------------------------------------- history ------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------

On March 18, on-line bus ticket sales were suspended in accordance with a government decision to ban passenger traffic.


Official regular bus services are stopped, and bus tickets are not sold at the ticket offices of bus stations and on the Internet.

Due to the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has extended the quarantine period several times, we also cannot give an exact date for the resumption of bus traffic.

We are constantly monitoring the situation and as soon as the relevant decision of the government or local authorities is known, ticket sales and bus transportation will be reimbursed as bus stations are launched.


Information on the board of bus stations and on the schedule of bus routes may not correspond to the planned state of flights and reflects data at the time of quarantine. The system "Bus station-network" continues to operate in automatic mode. After the official announcement of the resumption of bus traffic within no more than 12 hours after updating the database of timetables / tariffs of each bus station, all data about the timetables will be automatically updated and ticket sales on the Internet will open.

Update (21-may-2020): ABOUT THE START UP ORDER

Starting May 22, bus stations in several regions plan to resume their work. Due to the fact that it takes time to coordinate the list of flights with the carriers and update the database of bus stations, the launch and sales will be carried out as soon as each bus station is ready (tentatively from May 25).

Up to this point, up-to-date flight information can be obtained by contact numbers: https://bus.bilet-ua.com/order

Update (28-may-2020): What has been done and will be done in the near future.

There is an online sale in the Dnipropetrovsk and Poltava regions. Vinnitsa - suburban and regional flights on the central and eastern bus station. Kherson - a suburban bus station, Khmelnitsky - suburban and regional flights (without a central bus station).

Other bus stations in Ukraine also work in accordance with the orders of administrations, but have not yet fully agreed with the carriers on the frequency of movement and tariffs. By June 1, they plan to complete the coordination.

Operativ information on bus stations can be seen on the new scoreboard site. Pay attention to the column named "%" - regularity of execution.