Популярні запитання

About the work of the site in conditions of martial law.

1. The site works in real time with all bus stations in Ukraine where there is a connection. The information on the site COMPLETELY corresponds to the information at the bus stations. Please do not call or email for seats availability or schedules - we are not in a position to answer questions that are present on the internet. For operational information about working bus stations, see the on-line timetables.

2. Please note that buses for which you have purchased ticket(s) may be canceled at any time. In this case, we send SMS and e-mail according to the data provided when ordering - carefully check the phone number that you specify when ordering, and also regularly check your e-mail (including spam). Upon receipt of such a message, go to the site and cancel the order (after you cancel, we automatically return the money to the card from which the payment was made). Your cancellation operation, for technical reasons, can be carried out no later than within 12 hours from the scheduled departure of the bus.

3. If you have already exchanged your voucher for a ticket at the bus station, then a message about the cancellation of the bus will also be sent to you, but you can get the money back only at the bus station where you received the ticket and on the basis of the received ticket.

4. Not all bus stations have a stable connection, so there may be a situation when money was withdrawn from the card, but the ticket was not issued. In this case, we will AUTOMATICALLY refund the funds. Write to us only if the money is not returned to the card within 12 hours. Please also note that we are not in a position to give you an instant response.

5. See also:  http://faq.bus.com.ua/?qn=58&s=10&c=10 http://faq.bus.com.ua/?qn=78&s=0&c=10 http://faq.bus.com.ua/?qn=63&s=0&c=10