Популярні запитання

I paid the ticket, but there is no way to print the voucher, how can I get sms with the code?

In order to receive an SMS with a code, you must specify your correct phone number when ordering a ticket. If you did not specify it when ordering (or specify incorrectly), after completing the order there is no possibility to re-process your order.

If for some reason you did not do this, you can get the necessary data (payment codes, departure date and flight number, seat number ...) as follows:

   1. View the voucher in your account: Login -> My orders -> order number.

   2. If the order is successfully completed, you will receive a copy of your voucher on your e-mail.


Not all bus stations serve passengers by SMS - some bus station require a mandatory presentation of a voucher printout. If there is no field for entering the phone number when ordering, it means that it is required to present the printout in paper form.

IMPORTANT! To receive the ticket you need to present the PAYMENT CODE (12 digits, which are in the line of the voucher with that name), any other codes / figures do not allow the cashier to correctly process the order.