Популярні запитання

After payment where can I get a ticket?

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4.1.1.            Voucher (ticket requisites) received using interface and/or by e-mail is not a ticket and can not be used for trip. Only a ticket gives a right of passage. When voucher is present, the ticket is executed in booking-office at departure point. Ticket execution upon vouchers terminates 5 minutes prior to departure of buses according to schedule.


4.2.1.            On the basis of correspondent agreements the transporters are entitled to issue their own tickets in bus (without execution in booking-office). The list of transporters and/or trips providing such service may be published on web-site and/or may be mentioned in voucher.


On the voucher ticket must be indicated the place boarding the bus (full address) and contacts to address issues related to planting. Also the title of the voucher is given the order of registration of the ticket (in cash or in the bus crew). 

In addition to the voucher specified contacts owner of the tickets server that issued your order - you can get it for additional information.