Популярні запитання

Can I exchange or return the ticket, which is paid for on your website?

You can cancel your order and make a new one.

------------------ http://ticket.bus.com.ua/rules ---------------------

5.2.1.            The necessary conditions for fulfillment of payment by means of payment system are the following: a) ticket was not executed yet b) at the moment of processing of application on return of payments not less than 12 hours are left till departure, c) payment system chosen by customer enables to execute the return operation, d) application for return of payments is executed in accordance with point 5.2.2 of these regulations.

5.2.2.            In order to return payment using means of payment system it is necessary:                Choose on the site the number of order from the list of orders, payment of which should be returned. Choose "Cancellation of the order" mode and confirm agreement on conditions of cancellation.


Login  -> My orders ->  Order Number -> Cancel